London Bridge Historic Walking Tour

Jan Kassies, Director of Visitor Services with Suzanne Bissett, Emmy-winning host of 3TV’s Your Life Arizona

How did the world-famous London Bridge arrive at its unlikely home in Arizona?

Witness and hear the remarkable story, spanning nearly 2,000 years, of how it made its way from London to Lake Havasu City.

The Go Lake Havasu Visitor Information Center offers guided group tours of the London Bridge. The half-mile, 90-minute walking tour takes visitors on a stroll along and across the sparkling Bridgewater Channel. Visitors on the tour encounter fascinating points of interest such as strafing scars from German aircraft fire and once-mysterious graffiti, both from World War II and marring sections on the hollow bridge’s granite surface. Group tours are available from October through April for groups of 10 to 24.

The walking tour includes climbing some stairs (51 total to the top of the bridge). It utilizes state-of-the-art wireless technology that allows visitors to hear every word of the entire tour and move freely, even if they are not standing immediately adjacent to the guide. Our guides sound as if they were an arm’s length away, even over distances of up to 100 feet.

A free brochure for self-guided tours is available at the Visitor Center. A walking tour video on CD is available for purchase at the Visitor Center. For more information, please visit our London Bridge Historic Walking Tour page or call 928.855.5655.